3 residential trends how they impact the building industry

3 Residential Trends & How They Impact The Building Industry

Residential building trends are influenced by many factors including the economy, product availability, and cost. The functionality and sustainability of products and building practices are becoming more important to homeowners. Today we will take a look at 3 residential building trends and how they are impacting the building and building products industries.

3 Residential Trends & How They Impact The Building Industry

High End For Less

Most people prefer high quality, luxurious building products, and materials. Today's homeowners want the same feel and look of high-end products for less. This is definitely not a new idea, but it is growing in popularity every year. Therefore, manufacturers are creating products aimed toward today's' desires and budgets.

For example, stone is a popular but expensive option for building materials. So, to supply the demand and keep costs lower, stone veneer products are becoming more interesting and popular. Terracotta is another highly desirable, classic material. Thus, there are innovative terracotta products coming to the marketplace to meet demand.

It, therefore, stands to reason, manufacturers who focus on luxury looks and friendly prices will gain market share.

Designs That Promote Water Conservation

Homeowners are demanding more thought towards water usage within their homes. As water shortages grow, conservation and retention are a focus. Low-flow toilets and shower heads and water recycling and gathering systems are growing in the market.

Water retention/conservation products are becoming required for new builds in certain areas. Recent statistics show at least a 30% decrease in water usage as a result of different initiatives.

Water conservation is growing in popularity in both product and building design. Builders are beginning to implement many water saving features into building plans and remodeling is focusing on water efficiency as well. Smart irrigation, composting-type toilets, and systems that recycle gray water are becoming commonplace.

Resilient, Sustainable Home Desires

Climate change has increased the need for products able to last through natural disasters. Stronger, durable products are coming to the market at a faster pace. Products that can multi-task with form and function are growing in popularity.

At the same time, some natural resource supplies are running out. Building materials show a stronger focus on sustainable materials and practices. Environment-conscious construction techniques are evolving.

Homeowners increasingly choose construction materials and techniques that are cheaper, safe, and more durable. A larger amount of building industry profits are moving to the creation and sales of sustainable building materials.

These building industry trends are currently emerging and will continue years. Companies should consider placing more efforts into designing and creating materials to meet these demands.

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