Mid-Atlantic General Manager (Client Company: ProSales 100 Leader – LBM + Specialty Manufacturer)

Job Scope:

Our well-known, respected building products manufacturer and distributor customer sought an accomplished leader to develop the Mid-Atlantic region. The ideal candidate would direct, promote, and coordinate regional sales and operations in order to optimize regional market share, maximize efficiencies and uphold the corporate mission, values and guiding principles through exceptional customer service and employee relations.


Key Accountabilities

  • Grow market share by developing and executing on strategic sales, marketing, and customer service plans
  • Capitalize on expansion capabilities and develop emerging markets
  • Identify, nurture, develop, and retain highly motivated employees
  • Operate successfully in a cost-conscious environment
  • Facilitate customer partnerships and maintain customer confidence through extraordinary service and innovative solutions

Skills & Qualifications

  • Results-oriented, customer-focused, visionary and strategically-focused, trusted leader who inspires and motivates utilizing innate entrepreneurial thinking and tendencies.
  • Exceptional communication and delegation skills
  • Able to make well-thought-out, effective decisions
  • 10+ years of progressive leadership with multi-location management experience and full P&L responsibility for over $50 Million
  • In-depth knowledge of regional builder and contractor market

Candidate Placement:

Our placed candidate managed more than twenty branches, had managed multiple regions and had full P&L responsibilities for ranges from $30MM to $70MM.


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