Pre-hire Assessments

Hiring badly is painful.
Hiring better is possible.

Our pre-hire assessments are for when you want a fast track way to see beyond experience and zero in on fit but want complete control and to accomplish a better hiring process in a more budget conscious approach. 

Take the first step towards better.

Interview to Fit Insights – $125


Simple, targeted and driven by you to fit your unique hiring needs and timelines. This is a fast track approach for clarity about which candidates have the best potential to thrive as well as meet or exceed your expectations.

Consider this a first step toward topgrading your team members. If experience always leads to success, all experienced people would be successful. 


  • Assessment completion and customized report delivery
  • Simple and effective self-debrief guide
  • Suggested Interview Questions

Talent Insights – $210


This option provides a more robust multi-dimensional look at the candidate. Giving the distinct advantage of more clarity through more information while remaining simple and fast.

Increased knowledge reveals additional insights for use during the interviewing and hiring decision process. The hiring match success rate of this assessment tool is up to 80%.


  • Pre-Consult for Role and Candidate Top Attributes and Non-negotiables
  • Assessment completion and customized report delivery
  • Simple and effective self-debrief guide


Optional Up-Grades:

  • Guided Debrief up to 45 minutes with Building Gurus Coach Mia – $329
  • Group Candidate Comparison, Gap or/Ranking Reports. – Schedule a call for pricing.

Multiplied Insights including Competencies with Debrief – $399


Clarify the nuances that reveal best fit and drive to getting a yes from your top picks.

Three assessment sciences with a blended report section gives the hiring team a multi-dimensional view of the candidate. Primary tendencies around actions and choices as well as emotional quotient development are revealed.

The value of the process can be experienced in three ways: 1. best fit, 2. performance potential, and finally 3 . The insights revealed enable discussions to differentiate the candidates that will thrive.

An improved hiring match success rate of 94% has been experienced consistently with the use of the insights gained in this assessment, report and debrief process.


  • Report and debrief guide delivery ahead of one on one debrief.
  • Assessment completion and customized report delivery.
  • Up to ninety (90) minutes Debrief call with Building Gurus coach Mia Wade


Optional Up-Grades:

  • Group Candidate Comparison, Gap or/Ranking Reports. – Schedule a call for pricing.


We've Made Placements At


She was very fast in providing us with qualified candidates that we were able to interview in a very timely manner. Listens to what our needs are and establishes a search to meet those needs. Aggressive and follows through. We like her checking in with the placement a few months after the actual placement. Thank you for doing that.

Stephen Building Products Manufacturer

Building Gurus has been wonderful to work with. They are always very thorough in their approach to understanding the position requirements and learning about the specific needs of our company. Their follow up on candidates they've spoken with is timely and accurate.

Matt Vice President of People, Garage Door Manufacturer

You are unique to our industry and know the lingo. We have been working together long enough that you understand our culture and really seem to care about finding the right person for our company.

Doug VP of Human Resources, Door + Hardware Manufacturer + Distributor

Rikka is a very focused professional that values the needs of her clients. I had the pleasure to work with Rikka during an opening that she had. She zeroed in on what the role entailed and was very helpful in making sure that it was a good fit for me before we began the formal process. Rikka is an excellent communicator and follows up very well. I would be happy to work with Rikka again.

Nicholas Area Sales Manager, Building Products Manufacturer

I would highly recommend Rikka because of her attention to detail and commitment to you as a client. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Rikka and it was a very pleasurable experience due to her focused approach to both the candidate and the employer. Rikka is a true professional that communicates with her clients very efficiently and effectively. She has great established relationships in the building materials industry.

Scott Location Leader, Lumber + Building Materials Distributor

Recruiters continuously face a difficult balancing act. They need to vigorously work to meet the needs of their clients while simultaneously treating recruits with honesty and respect. During a recent conversation with Rikka about a potential role, I found her to be spot on in both respects. She clearly had the best interest of her client in mind and she skillfully steered the conversation to quickly obtain all of the relevant information. She also took the time to give me valuable feedback and then the initiative to send me some helpful resources. I came away impressed with both her capabilities as a recruiter and her genuine, caring attitude.

Jeff CFO, Building Products Manufacturer

When I found myself looking for a new opportunity Rikka was the ideal person to work with towards that goal. She took the time to find out about what I was looking for in a new situation, and with her many industry contacts found the perfect match. She is very well respected within the industry and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her highly to both individuals that are looking for new opportunities. and also companies that are looking to hire qualified people that fit the position.

Phil Regional Manager, ProSales 100 + Building Products Manufacturer

Having had a brief opportunity to work with Rikka on a job placement opportunity, I found her to be a very honest, professional, and straightforward. Her upbeat and positive attitude was refreshing and encouraging during a traditionally stressful time period. Rikka made certain that not only was the company a good fit for me but that I was a good fit for the company, helping to ensure a win-win for all parties involved. I highly recommend Rikka and her team at Building Gurus.

Kevin Profit Center Manager, Plumbing Distributor

Rikka was a recruiter who contacted me early in my job search. She was very thorough and recommended me to her clients where my experience and skill set gave me the best opportunity for success. She provided excellent follow up and never left me wondering where I was in the process. She had many connections in the industry, and was an asset during my search. Her staff was also very professional and helpful when I needed questions answered. I would rate my experience with Rikka as excellent.

Bob Regional Sales Manager, Building Products Manufacturer

Rikka is one of the most professional recruiters in the business. Her firm worked very hard to get opportunities for me. Rikka set the standard on service and I would highly recommend her, and her company.

Brian Territory Sales Manager, Siding Manufacturer

I have worked with Rikka as candidate and an employer. On both sides of the equation, I found her to be honest and direct, thorough and prepared and to work with a sense of urgency to complete the assignment. She always presented qualified candidates and did not waste time selling a candidate when the chemistry was not correct. Rikka produced quality candidates quickly.

Glen Regional Manager, Installed Sales + Building Products Distributor

Rikka Brandon is the founder and Chief Executive Recruiter of Building Gurus, a leading executive search and consulting firm that works exclusively with building product manufacturers and distributors to find, hire, and retain top building products talent.

Often sought out for her expertise, Rikka is a member of National NKBA Leadership Recruitment committee, a frequent speaker at national conferences, a contributing writer to publications including LBM Journal, the NKBA blog, ProSales, Remodeler and more.