Tools + Resources


This is a list of tools and resources I find very helpful in my business. Some of these are affiliate links, which means you'll pay the same price as normal, but I'll get a small payment or credit for referring you.

ActiveCampaign:  ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create great customer experiences. Zoom is a great video call, meeting, webinar platform.  Recently added calling features.  Integrates with many things.  Free account for meetings up to 40 minutes.  Paid account provides more features.  Here is a link to their video tutorials on various features.  FREE and amazing.  Allows you to capture screenshare videos with audio.  Use it send personalized videos to customers or prospects, share project updates with clients, and capture your systems and processes so other people can do those repeating tasks at the same high level as you.   Free for up to 100 videos, you can download, share, etc.  With the paid subscription you get more storage.

AppSumo:  AppSumo runs insanely good deals on software and other tools.  I've found some of my favorite tools via AppSumo.  Forewarning the best deals go fast.  They have limited amounts.  But, there are a lot of great free resources available all the time.

Fiverr: This is my personal favorite and one of the first “gig” marketplaces.  I use Fiverr gigs for all sorts of business and personal things.  It started with gigs that only cost $5, but now they have full business services and vetted pros.  Be sure to look at the reviews and compare pricing and details.  Always, use the contact me button to explain your project and make sure they understand and can deliver it.  They will often create a custom gig for you.   You don't need to accept any offer.

I'll be adding more tools and information over time.