Having a hard time finding the RIGHT 6-figure leader for your building products organization?


Let’s be real…


You want someone who is ready to hit the ground running.


You want someone who actually understands your industry.


You want someone who is a proven leader & team player.


You want someone who can boost your company’s growth


You want someone who will stick around for the long haul.

And the longer you spend looking for that someone with the right experience and expectations, the more you’re guaranteed to struggle with lower productivity and performance from your team along with lower customer satisfaction. (And that’s not so great for your reputation as a leader, either.)

I’ll be the first to tell you that you should NEVER hire someone who isn’t actually qualified just because they were the best person you interviewed.

But I’ll also be the first to tell you that there really aren’t very many people who can tick all those boxes in the building products industry.

In fact, less than 1% of 1% of all LinkedIn Executives are in building products.

From third generation owners trying to preserve their family’s legacy to CEO’s of major corporations trying to save their careers and the company, I’ve heard so many stories about just HOW MUCH is riding on finding the RIGHT person for the position.

And if you’re suddenly faced with needing to fill a crucial role like your top sales rep, branch manager, regional manager, or VP of sales, you don’t have time to figure out the best way to find and engage the talent you need. No one does, really.

Because despite being the most popular DIY recruitment strategy, it ALWAYS leads to a flood of unqualified candidates clogging your inbox and wasting your time. So if it feels like those qualified candidates are always out of reach and you’ll never find them on your own, you’re probably right.

The talent is out there — trust me — but in order to find someone right for that 6-figure plus opening you have, you need the right strategy and support to get you there.

Hi, I’m Rikka

Chief Executive Recruiter at Building Gurus

I grew up in North Dakota on a farm with a big red barn, so if you think you’re picking up on a bit of an accent, a straight-shooting attitude, and a Midwestern work ethic, it’s not just your imagination.

I’ve been working with building products manufacturers and distributors since 2001, growing my network long before LinkedIn was even “a thing”. I might have started with a phonebook, but I’ve been an early adopter of nearly every advancement in recruiting over the past two decades.

After years of working on contingency, I realized that I could be doing so much more for my clients through engaged recruitment and working with companies that wanted a true recruiting partner — not just a stack of resumes.

I’m naturally equal parts recruitment consultant and headhunter, and I love to help my clients get clear on their needs and how they can position and sell the opportunity, get it in front of the right people, and select the best possible person for the job.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business, but found that many of our best clients who’ve been coming back to us for hiring help year after year are privately held companies.

I’ve made over 550 placements (plus 500+ more hires as an HR Manager before I became a recruiter) and done over 15,000 interviews — and I’m not afraid to take on some more!

Need help hiring your next top team leader?


She was very fast in providing us with qualified candidates that we were able to interview in a very timely manner. Listens to what our needs are and establishes a search to meet those needs. Aggressive and follows through. We like her checking in with the placement a few months after the actual placement. Thank you for doing that.

Stephen Building Products Manufacturer

Building Gurus has been wonderful to work with. They are always very thorough in their approach to understanding the position requirements and learning about the specific needs of our company. Their follow up on candidates they've spoken with is timely and accurate.

Matt Vice President of People, Garage Door Manufacturer

You are unique to our industry and know the lingo. We have been working together long enough that you understand our culture and really seem to care about finding the right person for our company.

Doug VP of Human Resources, Door + Hardware Manufacturer + Distributor

Rikka is a very focused professional that values the needs of her clients. I had the pleasure to work with Rikka during an opening that she had. She zeroed in on what the role entailed and was very helpful in making sure that it was a good fit for me before we began the formal process. Rikka is an excellent communicator and follows up very well. I would be happy to work with Rikka again.

Nicholas Area Sales Manager, Building Products Manufacturer

I would highly recommend Rikka because of her attention to detail and commitment to you as a client. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Rikka and it was a very pleasurable experience due to her focused approach to both the candidate and the employer. Rikka is a true professional that communicates with her clients very efficiently and effectively. She has great established relationships in the building materials industry.

Scott Location Leader, Lumber + Building Materials Distributor

Recruiters continuously face a difficult balancing act. They need to vigorously work to meet the needs of their clients while simultaneously treating recruits with honesty and respect. During a recent conversation with Rikka about a potential role, I found her to be spot on in both respects. She clearly had the best interest of her client in mind and she skillfully steered the conversation to quickly obtain all of the relevant information. She also took the time to give me valuable feedback and then the initiative to send me some helpful resources. I came away impressed with both her capabilities as a recruiter and her genuine, caring attitude.

Jeff CFO, Building Products Manufacturer

When I found myself looking for a new opportunity Rikka was the ideal person to work with towards that goal. She took the time to find out about what I was looking for in a new situation, and with her many industry contacts found the perfect match. She is very well respected within the industry and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her highly to both individuals that are looking for new opportunities. and also companies that are looking to hire qualified people that fit the position.

Phil Regional Manager, ProSales 100 + Building Products Manufacturer

Having had a brief opportunity to work with Rikka on a job placement opportunity, I found her to be a very honest, professional, and straightforward. Her upbeat and positive attitude was refreshing and encouraging during a traditionally stressful time period. Rikka made certain that not only was the company a good fit for me but that I was a good fit for the company, helping to ensure a win-win for all parties involved. I highly recommend Rikka and her team at Building Gurus.

Kevin Profit Center Manager, Plumbing Distributor

Rikka was a recruiter who contacted me early in my job search. She was very thorough and recommended me to her clients where my experience and skill set gave me the best opportunity for success. She provided excellent follow up and never left me wondering where I was in the process. She had many connections in the industry, and was an asset during my search. Her staff was also very professional and helpful when I needed questions answered. I would rate my experience with Rikka as excellent.

Bob Regional Sales Manager, Building Products Manufacturer

Rikka is one of the most professional recruiters in the business. Her firm worked very hard to get opportunities for me. Rikka set the standard on service and I would highly recommend her, and her company.

Brian Territory Sales Manager, Siding Manufacturer

I have worked with Rikka as candidate and an employer. On both sides of the equation, I found her to be honest and direct, thorough and prepared and to work with a sense of urgency to complete the assignment. She always presented qualified candidates and did not waste time selling a candidate when the chemistry was not correct. Rikka produced quality candidates quickly.

Glen Regional Manager, Installed Sales + Building Products Distributor

Rikka Brandon is the founder and Chief Executive Recruiter of Building Gurus, a leading executive search and consulting firm that works exclusively with building product manufacturers and distributors to find, hire, and retain top building products talent.

Often sought out for her expertise, Rikka is a member of National NKBA Leadership Recruitment committee, a frequent speaker at national conferences, a contributing writer to publications including LBM Journal, the NKBA blog, ProSales, Remodeler and more.

Contingency recruiters might sound like a money-saving solution since they take no upfront costs… Until you realize that their interest and effort in your search is fluid and drops with every challenge.

And retained recruiters can sound like an appealing all-in-one option with their white-glove reputation… Until you see the hefty price tag that doesn’t even include travel and testing (not to mention you could easily end up paying 66% of the fee without even making the hire.)

With our engaged search strategy, you’re getting the best of both worlds! 

We’re dedicated from day one and our signature 4-step search process keeps things moving until your new hire is happily settled into their position months after their start date! Win-Win!

Each search is different, but the whole thing goes a little something like this…


We’ll start with an initial kick-off call where we’ll take a deep dive into your organization and the nuances that truly determine if an executive will thrive there, going way beyond job descriptions and required experience. We’ll leave with a clear & compelling positioning statement and avatar of your ideal candidate.


Next, we’ll create a recruiting blueprint and pitch along with a list of every high-potential leader who meets your needs with at least 3 ways we’ll be able to contact them. During this phase, we cast a broad net and then work to narrow down our network into top choices and you benefit from our existing relationships with qualified professionals.


We’ll identify and review hundreds of people and profiles, conduct in-depth interviews and ultimately present the top 1% of the market so you can choose your new executive with confidence. We use our SELL Interview Method to conduct in-depth interviews that not only qualify candidates but excite the right ones. By the end of this step, you’ll have received detailed submittals including each candidates history, expectations, and testing results so you’ll know exactly who you want to bring on board!


We’ll handle all the negotiations and coach all parties through cold feet, counter offers, and any concerns that might come up. Once the position is filled and your candidates start date arrives, we pass the torch to your HR team while staying in touch with you and the candidate to make sure everything is going smoothly.

We’ve placed hundreds of candidates, and it’s rare that we get it wrong — but if things don’t work out, you’re covered by our 90-day guarantee. (Spoiler Alert: we haven’t had this happen in over a decade, so we seriously doubt that you’ll need this option.)

At Building Gurus, our mission is simple: to find passive, qualified, interested, and ready-to-interview candidates that will make incredible leaders in your organization!


Sound like the solution you need for your team?

We know that a top performer can deliver 5 times the ROI that an average performer can and we’ve worked hard to develop a network of only the best of the best!

When you work with Building Gurus, you get:


One FREE 30-minute Discovery Session to make sure we’re a good fit for you. ($750 value)


One two-hour Kick Off Call where we’ll explore who & what you need most. ($2,500 value)


Tech-support and training on how to conduct interviews via video conference while saving you time, money, and frustration. (PRICELESS)


Done-for-you placement and personality testing plus first-round interviews and submittals to give you even more in-depth insight. (PRICELESS)


One two-hour Clarity Consultation to get your whole team on the same page. ($2,500 value)


Unlimited consulting, troubleshooting, and expert advice from myself and my team to support you during your search. (PRICELESS)


Up-to-date market information on compensation expectations and how to craft an offer that excites, without breaking the bank. (PRICELESS)


PLUS behind the scenes coordinating and coaching to ensure that when you extend an offer to your top choice, it’s accepted. (PRICELESS)

All for a small fraction of the expected placement fee upfront, which ultimately gets subtracted from the placement fee equal to 25% of your new hire’s expected compensation for the first year.

You’ll get an estimated range of cost during our FREE discovery session.

If you want best-in-class service with a pay-for-results fee structure, we’ve got you covered!

Our engaged search clients are the CEOs, executives, private equity partners, and board members of privately held, often private equity-backed building product companies doing $10 Million to $1 Billion in sales who have big ambitions for their businesses and need proven leaders who can position their business for scale or sale.

No doubt about it, hiring great talent is a key part of your business — but for us, it’s our ENTIRE REASON for being in business!

We’re constantly investing in new cutting-edge tools, technology, and resources to ensure that we have the best talent available right at our fingertips.

With nearly 20 years of experience, my network taps into over 90% of the building products talent market and we’re confident that we can find the right fit for you… FAST.

But there are always exceptions, and I want to clear those up ASAP!


Business Gurus is NOT the best fit for you if…

  • You’re getting great candidates by posting ads & sharing on social media.
  • You’re looking for help with recruiting construction workers or hourly labor.
  • You’re looking for IT or engineering talent (they’re not in my wheelhouse).

If any of these apply to you, then working with us 1:1 is not the right move — but we’ve got tons of FREE RESOURCES to empower and educate you throughout the hiring process here.

Ultimately, we want to help you make the best business decision for you which might mean turning down your search if you’ve been getting results from lower cost options or could be better served by another recruiter.

We ONLY take on a limited number of clients each month and work with those that are in our area of expertise where we feel confident in our ability to close on a qualified candidate. 

Think you could be our next success story?




Why should I choose Building Gurus?

With decades of industry-specific experience, we’re able to offer unparalleled service and candidates to manufacturers and distributors of building products.

Plus, we’re fluent in Millenial, Gen X, and Boomer — we know how to speak their language and know how to get them interested, engaged, and saying YES.

What specific positions do you recruit for?

We work exclusively with building product or building material manufacturers or distributors to find sales, management, leadership, and executive talent.

Our top areas of expertise include:

General Management (with full P&L accountability)

  • Vice Presidents
  • General Managers
  • Regional Managers (often VP level positions)
  • Division Managers
  • Site or Location Leaders
  • District or Area Managers
  • Branch Managers

 Sales, Marketing, and Business Development

  • Vice President of Sales
  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Director of Business Development
  • Director of Sales
  • Regional Sales Manager / Director
  • National Accounts Sales Manager
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Channel Sales Manager
  • Trade / ProSales Sales Reps
  • Dealer + Distributor Sales Reps / Account Managers
  • Architectural Sales Rep
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Account Executive / Account Manager
How long will it take for me to have candidates to interview?

There are a lot of factors that can affect this, but in general…

Our 21-day sourcing cycle is built for speed. You should have your first candidates to interview by the end of the second week and have 5 qualified and interested candidates to consider by the end of the third week. Our clients are frequently able to thoroughly vet candidates and extend offers less than 6 weeks from the start of the sourcing cycle.

We strongly encourage you to select interview dates and times for week 3 and 4 at the time we start the search to ensure everyone has blocked off time on their calendar and the process can move quickly once you start seeing candidates who can hit the ground running.

What are some things I can do to make my search go faster?

If you’re ready to rock your recruitment process and turn your results up to 11, then keep in mind how important it can be to:

  • Partner with your recruiter and share goals.
  • Offer a competitive compensation structure.
  • Maintain realistic expectations throughout.
  • Commit to approaching action with urgency.
  • Avoid unnecessary delays in communication.


What are some things that might slow down my search?

We might have to take “the scenic route” to your results if you have:

  • Poor communication from busy decision makers.
  • Compensation structures that aren’t competitive.
  • A market that struggles to attract relocation talent.
  • Reputation issues surrounding your organization.
  • Shifting focus on your needs and expectations.
  • No sense of urgency to schedule interviews or hire.
When are payments due? Is there a payment plan?

A minimum $3000 engagement fee is due when you sign up for a search, and a total balance equaling 25% of the candidates expected compensation for their first year is due within 5 days of their start date with your organization.

We do offer the option to pay the engagement fee upfront, and a placement fee equaling 30% of the candidates expected first-year compensation broken into 3 consecutive monthly payments to assist with cash flow concerns.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely! If our placement doesn’t work out in the first 90 days, we will enter another recruitment cycle free of charge.

I haven’t had to do this in over a decade and would really rather not break that winning streak, so I’m VERY committed to finding you the right hire for the job.

Will you waive my engagement fee? Can you extend my guarantee?

Slow down there, partner.

That engagement fee is your commitment to putting some skin in this game. You don’t get the best sales reps to work for you on straight commission, and the same is true for recruiters too. Our decades of industry-specific expertise and networking allow us to get incredible results and ROI that contingency recruiters can’t — but if your budget is a big concern and your need isn’t critical or urgent, then they may be your best bet.

And our 90-day guarantee is a courtesy that we just plain think is right even though it’s not required. We don’t have control over how your hire is compensated, onboarded, or managed, and simply put: our job is to recruit and yours is to retain. If you have concerns over keeping someone beyond 90 days, you might want to rethink more than just your recruitment strategies.

The position I need to fill comes with less than $100K in total compensation. Will you pretty please take on my search anyway?

Maybe — but truthfully, we only accept these searches on a case by case basis if you’re hiring multiple positions for under $100K. If that’s you then we’d love to talk about the positions you’re trying to fill.

BUT if you’re just trying to hire someone for one $60K spot, we’ve got you covered with an awesome collection of FREE client resources to help educate and empower you to take on this hiring journey with more confidence and clarity here!

Got a question we didn’t answer already?

Send us a message or give us a call here! We’d love to help point you in the direction of the resources that will bring you the results you’re looking for!


Still with me (and nodding “yes” to all of this)?

Let us take this problem off of your plate!