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The 3 Main Challenges
Our Clients Face Finding Building Products Leaders


You want to find a proven building products leader who can take your business, see the strategy and vision and put the steps in place to achieve your goals, But, there aren’t a lot of proven, building product executives out there, in fact, they make up less than 1% of 1% of the Executives on LinkedIn, and the inability to find leaders who understand the industry is costing you in missed opportunities and lost profit.


You want to hire best-in-class executives to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be, but you’re not sure you can afford the talent you want. But, you also know your business is poised for growth and you need to hire strong leaders. So you wonder, can I afford NOT to hire the best possible executive?


You don’t have confidence in your ability to find and hire the talent you need. From not being sure if you’re being realistic to not trusting your recruiting process, you're constantly wondering if this is going to end well and it’s costing you time, energy, and money.

We Can Help You Find


Few things are more important to the success of your business than getting key hires right. Engaged search provides the expertise and high-end service level of retained search, with a strong pay-for-performance aspect. Our fee structure includes a flat engagement fee to start the search, but the vast majority of our fee isn’t earned until your new hire starts. We understand that working with an executive recruiter is an investment and we’ve designed our 4-stage Recruiting Blueprint search process to ensure you get a strong return on your investment. Of course, we also offer a guarantee. Yet, we prefer to get it right the first time, which is why our last replacement was over a decade ago.

You can learn more about each of the 4 stages of The Recruiting Blueprint below, but the best way to learn if we’re worth the investment is to book a no-obligation Discovery Session to learn if Building Gurus is the right recruiting partner for you.

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Our 4-Stage Search Process

The Recruiting Blueprint

Scope + Specs

Our search process starts with a kick-off call to help us understand your business and culture. Then we dig into the opportunity. We can even use a patented job benchmarking process to set you up for success.

Design + Deliver

We combine your ideal hire profile and our expert-level knowledge of recruiting for top sales reps, managers and leaders in building products to design your customized recruiting strategy that delivers best-in-class sales, leaders, and executives.

Vet + Validate

With your Ideal Hire Profile at the heart of our search, we’ll identify and review hundreds of people, conduct in-depth interviews and ultimately present the top 1% of the market so you can choose with confidence.

Welcome + Warranty

This is when the focus shifts from recruiting to retaining. We rarely get it wrong (in fact, it’s been over a decade), but if we do you’re covered by our guarantee. When they start, we don't stop. We keep in touch for a full year after they start.

What People Are Saying

Rikka is a super enthusiastic recruiter. We have worked together on a number of searches and I always enjoy working with her. She understands our industry and brings high-quality candidates. She is also very honest about a search. She goes all out right from the beginning and if there are no candidates matching out search parameters, she doesn't string us along. When we have a special need, we always call Rikka first.
Rikka presented at our 2015 Governor's Workforce and HR Conference in Fargo and was a hit! The topic related to getting great candidates without having to pay the headhunter fee – which is spot on for a lot of our attendees and their budgets. Rikka was engaging, kept the audience actively participating and was able to make recruiting seem not quite so scary. Our attendees left the session feeling energized and ready to tackle recruiting head-on!
You get high energy, knowledgeable recruiters, who know not only the industry, but have a very good handle on the overall business climate.
Rikka is one of the most motivated, driven, and results-oriented recruiters I've met. She takes the time to understand the needs of her clients and then sets realistic expectations as to meeting those needs. Rikka also has an uncanny ability to find the “needle in the haystack” candidate. She always maintains a high level of energy and a postive attitude under some of the most stressful situations. I would love to work with her again!
Building Gurus has been wonderful to work with. They are always very thorough in their approach to understanding the position requirements and learning about the specific needs of our company. Their follow up on candidates they've spoken with is timely and accurate.
You have an uncanny ability to tap into the competition without leaving the sense that you are “stealing” our competitor’s employees away!
I would highly recommend Rikka because of her attention to detail and commitment to you as a client. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Rikka and it was a very pleasurable experience due to her focused approach to both the candidate and the employer. Rikka is a true professional that communicates with her clients very efficiently and effectively. She has great established relationships in the building materials industry.
Rikka was very fast in providing us with qualified candidates that we were able to interview in a very timely manner. Listens to what are needs are and establishes a search to meet those needs. Aggressive and follows through. We like you checking in with the placement after a few months after the actual placement. Thank you for doing that.

Is It Time For An Expert?

Not every recruiting and retention challenge requires a full engaged search or in-depth consulting. Sometimes you just need the insight and advice only an expert can provide.

Hire Power Live is the most robust and comprehensive training available for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring in the building products industry.

Listen To The LBM JOURNAL RECRUIT + RETAIN PODCAST hosted by Rikka Brandon

Meet Rikka Brandon


Rikka Brandon started recruiting in the Building Products Industry in 2001. Since then she’s made over 600 placements with a less than 1% replacement rate. She’s the Founder and Chief Executive Recruiter of Building Gurus, an executive search and recruitment consulting firm that works exclusively in the Building Products Industry.  

She’s advised hundreds of building product companies ranging from Mom and Pop’s to the Fortune 100.  However, her personal favorite has always been the privately held and often family owned business.    

Rikka’s the go-to girl for growth-minded Building Products Owners and Executives who want to hire the right people to take their manufacturing, distribution, or retail business to the next level.  

If you are interested in working with Rikka for one-on-one consulting, please contact her for more information.

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