Using Facebook To Recruit

Have a Facebook account? Great, you aren't alone!

It probably isn't a surprise, but there are over 1.65 billion registered users on Facebook as of today. That’s 1/7 of the total world population! About 74% of internet users use Facebook on a daily basis. 57% have more than a hundred Facebook friends.

Aside from keeping in touch with family and friends, and looking at cute animal pictures, Facebook can be a powerful attraction and recruiting tool.

Want to know how you can recruit on Facebook? Here we go:

1. Create a Facebook Page, not a Profile

Individuals have a profile, but Facebook pages are used for businesses and public figures. If you don't have a Facebook page set up for your business, you should. Facebook is primarily used to establish an online presence and a human side to your brand identity.

You'll want to have a creative but uncluttered design to your page. Most company's use it to show the “softer” side of their business – so think events, showcasing the things you do for your employees, charity work, etc. You want to create a page that cultivates user interaction and attracts prospective employees to your brand. So keep it fun and light and don't use it to promote your business overtly all the time.

Don’t forget to update your company’s “About” page. Highlight what you do and stand for, besides your business. Emphasize the ways your company is great as an employer. Avoid being boring and make sure to share fresh and interesting information on your profile.

2. Post Job Ads

You can also use it to post job ads when you have openings. People who like your page are more interested in you, so you might get better applicants than random people who see an ad in the newspaper.

If you have done it right, the page will reel them in, hook their interest and keep them active in participating. You will be able to show off the unique things that make your company great.

3. Set up a Facebook Ad, similar to Google AdWords

Facebook's great advantage over similar sponsored ads is the ability to target specific audiences. You're able to set up more tailored demographics to ensure you really hit your niche.

You can choose the age range, gender, region, and other criteria relevant to your job search. To see how to set up Facebook ads, click here.

4. Post & Engage

Being active is the main thing about Social Media. You have to post frequently and at different times if you want to hit a larger audience. Facebook has an algorithm for when/if posts show in someone's timeline. So, schedule out regular posts and make sure to leave room for spur of the moment things. When you have a new role, make sure you post that frequently. You might also want to run ads in conjunction.

Mix it up with images and videos and now you can consider using Facebook Live if you want to be more dynamic.

The main thing is to post a variety and often. Ask questions and engage with your users.

Still not sure Facebook is right for your organization? Check out this infographic:



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