What You’re Doing Wrong in Your Hiring Process

For building product manufacturers and distributors, the quality of your hiring process can mean the difference between employing high performers and having to settle for mediocrity. Here are some hiring process mistakes you should avoid if you want the best of the best on your team.

Not Having an Established Process

If you want to consistently hire great talent, you need to have a solid framework in place to do so. You need a clear process for attracting applicants, interviewing and evaluating candidates, closing the deal, and onboarding them into your organization. You also need to establish metrics and criteria for assessing candidates fairly. Having an established hiring process is necessary to be consistent and reliable.

Taking Too Long

In hiring, timing is everything. You need to approach your hiring process with a sense of urgency. You can’t wait weeks to schedule interviews. Pay attention to the calendar. Don’t let major holidays wreck your scheduling. Reach out to candidates and schedule interviews in a timely manner. Keep the date and don’t be tempted to re-schedule. Be quick to respond to their emails and follow up with them afterward. They are likely applying to many different organizations, so if you make the process difficult or inconvenient, you’ll be more likely to lose them to another company who is attending to the hiring process more effectively.

Not Using the Right Interview Techniques

Using targeted interviewing techniques will help you make more accurate hiring decisions. One technique that is works well yet is often overlooked, is called “contrary evidence.” Hiring managers tend to make decisions about candidates based on first impressions. This technique helps take inherent bias out of the process. For example, if you initially think the candidate is too inexperienced, change your perspective and ask the candidate questions designed to find out if this inexperience can actually be an advantage.

Not Recognizing Capacity

Another mistake to avoid is not recognizing an individual’s capacity. We often have biased ideas about what skills and traits are most useful. It is important to recognize that everyone has different capacities and unique genius. When hiring, try to identify distinctive talents in candidates. You want to find people who have skills and specialties that complement the skills of others within the organization.

Not Setting up an Onboarding Program

Too often, organizations conclude their hiring process when the offer is accepted. Onboarding, however, is one of the most important aspects of hiring. Once you hire a candidate, you need to make sure they have the resources and tools they need to succeed in their new job. Pair new hires up with a senior team member who knows the ropes. This relationship will help new hires learn the ropes, help them feel more comfortable, and foster a sense of belonging.

If you’re struggling to attract and retain great talent, it’s time to rethink your hiring process. The most effective hiring strategies start with a solid process, a sense of urgency, targeted interview techniques, recognizing people’s unique capacities, and a strong onboarding program.

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