3 genius marketing wins at ibs 2016 how you can learn from them

3 Genius Marketing Wins At IBS 2016 & How You Can Learn From Them

The International Builders Show (IBS) is undoubtedly one of the largest platforms in the world for introducing the building industry to your product. Anyone who has attended IBS knows it is not your run-of-the-mill trade show – is huge and can be overwhelming.

Once you get over being shocked at the sheer number of people and products on display, you will start to see why IBS is so important to the building products industry.

The show offers and demonstrates cutting edge technology which will be setting the standard for years to come. The product mix is just the tip of the iceberg though; the educational opportunities at IBS are mind blowing.

3 Genius Marketing Wins At IBS 2016 & How You Can Learn From Them

Every year truly innovative and insightful marketing is taking place all around, and 2016 was no different. Yes, it might be a few months since the show, but we all can continue to learn from the winners. Better yet, you can implement strategies into your own marketing and booth strategies.

There were plenty of great feats, we are going to take a look at what three industry leaders did to drive traffic and innovate.


The first thing we should talk about was the ARCAT booth.

If you aren’t familiar, ARCAT is the leading online resource for building product information. Their product is abstract and difficult to “see and touch”, so their success at IBS is even more noteworthy. How did ARCAT do it – they went all out!

Their success was as simple as grabbing someone’s attention. The display had little to do with the product they offer, but it was fantastic and it sucked people in. Once you were hooked, they could begin explaining their services and had interactive stations that encouraged exploration of their products.

What you can learn – if your product is intangible or complex, you can grab attention and build a connection and then go into details.


On the other end of the spectrum, the wall climbing demo CertainTeed had at IBS 2016 was equally impressive. It’s pretty difficult to get excited about a product like drywall, right? It definitely wasn’t this time!

Since they have a tangible product, CertainTeed knew they needed a way to let everyone get their hands actually on it. To demonstrate the strength of their new wall board, they set up a rock wall. The impressive part was the hand and foot holds were fastened to their drywall and nothing else. What a fantastic way to demonstrate the strength of their product!

The lesson – if you have a superior product or service, don’t be afraid to throw out bold claims. Think outside the box to figure out how you can WOW people with your product. Your brand will be remembered long after the convention floor is cleared and you will be talked about for sure.

Johns Manville

The last exciting thing at IBS 2016 spoke volumes. We live in a world where gaming is becoming ever more relevant and present. Building product innovations are often not flashy and glamorous. One extremely effective method for generating interest is through modern and innovative technology.

Johns Manville understands spray foam is not an exciting product but by bringing an insulation installation simulator into their booth, they generated interest. Not only did it allow the use of the actual installation gun, you were able to compete against others. Playing with their product was fun and helped to spread understanding of their installation processes. Showing off a new product and allowing the demonstration to be interactive and competitive generated a staggering amount of interest.

The takeaway – don’t let technology scare you away. Use your strengths and figure out a way to repackage everything with a spin.

IBS is always filled with products and information, but the way a few building industry companies showed off their products set them apart. Innovation and originality are the cornerstones of wowing crowds and prospective clients. These clever examples demonstrate what your Marketing & Trade Show teams can learn from wins at IBS 2016.



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