3 Key Strategies To Build A High Performing Team

We all strive to set our organizations up for success with a strong team — but how do we actually build a high performing team? What sets apart a high performing team from an average one?

At Building Gurus, we have three simple but powerful tips to help our clients supercharge their team's performance.

3 simple strategies to build a high performing team

The key is to keep things relatively simple and easy. That helps ensure that people adopt these strategies at the levels that we want and need them to for success. They’ll also be more likely to actually want to do the things you need them to do.

Follow these three strategies to take an average performing team and make them a high performing team:

Set Clear Goals

It might seem obvious, but it is critical to set clear goals with your team and ensure that everyone is aligned on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if Tom thinks you are headed to Denver, Mary wants to go to Cleveland, but Bill is trying to take the team to Chicago, then clearly there will be a lot of confusion.

Avoid all this wasted time and effort by making sure that all your team members are aligned around the same goal from the start.

Establish Accountability

You may have heard a saying along the lines of, “People do what is inspected, not what is expected.” At the end of the day, you have to hold your team accountable for the work that you want to see. To create a high performing team, you have to assign accountability to people and help them own their work. This part never changes!

Use A Shared Language

This strategy is a bit less obvious, but it is the key to taking an average performing team and making them superpowered. Using a shared language means that we all use the same terminology to describe the same thing.

More often than not, one person will use the term “vision” and another person will use the term “mission” to describe the same thing. That’s not good! We need to have shared language on our forward deliverables to our customers as well as within the organization.

Build your own high performing team

I challenge you to implement these three simple strategies and see how they help build or improve your own high performing team.

Our favorite way to implement changes and supercharge our clients is by using a team debrief. These team debriefs helps get a large, diverse group of people together in one room to understand the value that everyone brings to the table and dig deep into the “why” behind what we do.

If your team is struggling to get back in the groove after being hybrid or remote, or the current state of the world is kind of stressing out your team, this is an unbelievably powerful way to reinvigorate the team and get everyone on the same side so you can move forward with a ton of momentum.

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