4 Signs it is Time to Finally Fire that Sales Rep

4 Signs it is Time to Finally Fire that Sales Rep

Managers often keep underperforming sales representatives for too long because they don’t want to risk going through a lengthy hiring process only to hire a replacement who may also underperform. They don’t feel confident they can find and hire someone better. But your low performers bring the whole team down, and this isn’t fair to your other employees who have to work harder to make up the difference. It’s also not fair to the company that who could be exceeding their sales goals and crushing beating out the competition. Here are some signs it is time to finally fire that sales rep.

1. Your Customers Are Complaining

The first sign you should look for is complaints. If your customers keep complaining about the sales rep because they never hear from them, they have messed up orders, or they do not feel like they’re properly taken care of, this is a major problem. You do not want to lose one of your best customers because one person on your team underperforms.

2. Coaching Doesn’t Work

Employees who are not open to coaching are not worth keeping around. If you have tried coaching them over and over again, and they still struggle to follow through, you’re wasting your time. It is even worse if they seem to understand what you’re coaching them on, but they still fail to deliver. In this case, they are simply not the right fit for your organization. The best sales reps know the importance of continuous self-improvement. You need reps who are receptive to coaching.

3. They Have Checked out

Another red flag is if it seems your sales rep has checked out. In recruiting, we call this phenomenon “the grays.” You can tell an employee has checked out if they always seem down, start to wear the same clothes every day, show up late to work, stop shaving, etc. If the sales rep has no motivation, their performance will only worsen over time.

4. You Have No Hope They Will Ever Improve

The biggest red flag is if you have given up any hope they will ever improve. Your employees are an investment. You wouldn’t invest in a piece of real estate if you know the real estate has zero chance of accruing in value. Sometimes companies keep employees who they know won’t improve because they are afraid they won’t be able to fill the position and don’t want to be understaffed. Don’t let fear hold you back from reaching your sales goals.

Usually when companies procrastinate firing low performers, it is because they are afraid that they won’t be able to find a candidate who can perform better. This fear leads to inaction. But in the competitive building materials market, you can’t afford to settle for mediocrity. Your underperforming sales reps cost you time, money, and energy. Instead, work with a building materials recruiter to help ensure you find a replacement who will be a high performer.

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