Engage a Building Products Search Firm

4 Signs It’s Time to Engage A Building Products Search Firm

4 Signs It's Time to Engage A Building Products Search Firm

Recruiting is an important part of every industry, this is especially true in terms of the building products industry. Hiring the right people for the right job is imperative to the success of your business and its growth. How then do you know, when it is the right time to invest in hiring a experienced search firm to find your next employee? We have compiled a list of four signs that it may in fact be time to put your next new hire in the hands of a building products search firm or recruiter.

Is it time to engage a building products search firm?

 1.  Are you spending little to no time on recruiting? – truly recruiting the right candidate for your opening and creating interest in your company, is a full-time position. There is no getting around it. It takes a staggering amount time to filter through the long list of potential candidates and find the one that really fits your needs, that is assuming you have even had the time needed to generate a decent amount of interest in the marked for your company and the position you are looking to fill. If you simply can’t find the time required, it may be a sign that you should consider hiring a professional search firm.

2.  Are you spending way too much of your time and resources on recruiting? – as we said in the previous point, not spending enough time on recruiting can be detrimental to your hiring process. Conversely spending too much of your time and money on recruiting can be as equally as detrimental. If you are spending thousands of dollars in payroll and resources, and still do not seem to be able to find the right people you may be getting frustrated and discouraged. You shouldn’t be though. The building products industry is a beast like no other. The people you really need, are not easy to come by, but they are out there. You may just be looking in the wrong places. This is another reason you should consider a professional building product search firm. They have the experience and the network of professionals required to truly find you the right person for the job.

3.  Is the position that you are hiring for specialized? – now that is a hard question to answer. If you are hiring a fork-truck operator the answer is likely no. However, if you are trying to hire a top line revenue driver or a master of the P&L  then the answer is a loud resounding yes. Building product sales is unlike almost any other form of sales out there. Just because your candidate has sold mortgages for a bank doesn’t mean they are qualified to sell siding just because the houses they sold in the past had siding on them. Building products are ever changing and evolving, there are constantly new products and services hitting the market that render previous options all but obsolete. It is imperative that you find a salesperson who understand this and is committed to keeping up with the industry and what the customers in your market want. Finding the right candidate for positions like this, as well as management and executive level hires can be extremely difficult, why not leave it in the hands of a pro?

4.  Are you hiring in bulk? – the final point we want to touch on is this. If you are planning on hiring, for example an entire sales team all at once, a search firm may be the way to go. The person managing your account at the firm can be integral in determining how the potential members of your team will function together. Whether or not they will be able to be an efficient and productive sales team, or whether they are unlikely to work well together.

It goes without saying that recruiting and hiring are two of the most difficult aspects of any growing building product company. Why tackle that challenge alone? Book a free discovery session to learn how Building Gurus can help you find and hire the proven building products talent you want and need.



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