Why I Love Video Interviews

If you found a genie tomorrow, I bet two things you might wish for would be time and money. They are easily something everyone could use more of. I have been diligently working on a time machine and a patent for a money tree, but sadly I haven’t made much progress! Fear not, my quest is […]

How to Screen for Fit During the Interview

How to Screen for Fit During the Interview Assessing whether a candidate is a good fit is an essential piece of the interview process. A key consideration that must be taken into account is the job candidate’s personality and core values. Does it match that of the culture you are emphasizing at your company? Here […]

Done-For-You Copy-And-Paste Interview Process

Do you find yourself dreaming about an endless stream of interviews? Are you tired of pretending your benefits package isn’t mediocre? Ready to talk to candidates who actually can do the job, not just give you a good line? It sounds like you are ready for a bit of an overhaul to your hiring and […]

How to Feel More Comfortable Networking

Networking is a key strategy for building your pool of potential new job candidates. But, of course, it’s a challenge for many hiring managers and recruiters, especially if you are an introvert. Here are a few tips to help increase your networking comfort levels—whether you’re new and nervous or still loathe networking a decade into […]

Stop Wasting Your Time on Reference Checks

This is going to seem a bit controversial, especially coming from a professional recruiter, but hear me out: Reference checks are a waste of time for your job selection process. Why? First, consider reference checks with their previous employer. On the surface, these reference checks are great—they supposedly tell you what the company liked and […]

How To Expand Your Job Applicant Pool Using Social Media

In our previous quick tip video, we discussed the most important step you need to take to expand your applicant pool: posting your job opening to multiple places. One of those places definitely should be on social media. Social media, particularly pay-to-play opportunities, not only helps you expand your audience, but also allows you to […]

The #1 Way to Increase Your Job Pool

A huge challenge in the building products industry is a lack of quality applicants, especially if you’re looking for someone with 5-15 years of experience. One of the ways to address this is with a bigger pool of qualified applicants. And creating a larger pool requires getting more eyeballs on your job openings – the […]

Why and How to Establish Rapport During the Interview Process

https://youtu.be/zpfFJsqguy8 When it comes to job candidates and new hires, you can’t overstate the value of rapport.  If you’re an extrovert, creating rapport may come naturally. But it’s not a comfortable process for many people, particularly anyone who is introverted or doesn’t conduct a lot of interviews. So how can you create rapport even if […]

How To Set Your New Hire Up For Success (Onboarding)

Onboarding can easily be overlooked, especially if your organization doesn’t have an HR department or training department to own the onboarding process. But onboarding is such a critical part of the hiring and retention process. When new hires are onboarded correctly, they’ll feel a much stronger connection to the company and will be much less […]

How to Increase Performance and Decrease Turnover with Job Benchmarking

A Job Benchmark is a specialized report that is created to identify the behaviors, motivators, and skills required to be successful in a job. Benchmarks are great tools that can be used to increase employee performance and engagement while reducing employee pain points and turnover. So, benchmarking can be used to address key things within […]

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