3 Key Strategies To Build A High Performing Team

We all strive to set our organizations up for success with a strong team — but how do we actually build a high performing team? What sets apart a high performing team from an average one? At Building Gurus, we have three simple but powerful tips to help our clients supercharge their team’s performance. https://youtu.be/5LYMYDx27lU […]

How Hiring The Way You’ve Always Hired Is Adversely Affecting Your Business

Hiring hasn’t been easy in a few years, but it’s really challenging right now. “4.6 million more jobs available than people available to work” “9 out of 10 small business owners rate recruiting and hiring as somewhat or very difficult”. Headlines like this are popping up every week. The impacts of the pandemic are still […]

The Key to Management Success – The Check In

Have you checked in with your team lately?  Check out our new YT video! A check in is one of the most overlooked, yet powerful tools you have as a manager or leader in your business. Implementing a check in keeps us aware of things going on and allows us to keep an accurate pulse […]

Turning the Great Resignation into a Great Recruiting Opportunity

Watch Live!   Has fear around the negative impacts of the Great Resignation stopped you from seeing the Great Recruiting opportunity?  It’s nearly impossible to read the news without hearing about the massive impacts that the Great Resignation has had on the workplace. A record breaking number of people have given their notice and decided […]

Why Now is the Time to Topgrade Your Team

Now is the time to topgrade your team! That might seem a little counterintuitive when everything you’re hearing about is The Great Resignation and that there are currently 4.6 million jobs more than there are people available to work. I get it, but recruiters are wired to think about things a little differently so I’m […]

Making Your Company Culture Visible to the Market

Do you have an intentional strategy to incorporate your company culture in the hiring process? Differentiating yourself against your competitors is absolutely critical to successful hiring in today’s candidate short market. How do you do that effectively? By intentionally making your team culture and company values visible to the market.   Candidate Experience We need […]

The expensive reality of replacing owners and leaders

Did you know that 25% of employees within the Building Products Industry are within 10 years of retirement? One of the biggest hurdles plaguing the Building Products Industry is the aging workforce. In fact, 1: 4 employees are within 10 years of retirement. Things like the Great Resignation and Covid have only expedited the rate […]

Go where your ideal hires are

Are you struggling to get enough interested and qualified applicants for your job openings?    Many Building Products companies are experiencing extreme difficulty in filling their open positions. The strategies they’ve implemented for years are no longer  effective and the cost of positions that remain open is extreme. Let’s talk a little bit about how […]

Are you getting ghosted by applicants? Here’s why and how to avoid it!

Have you ever been ghosted by a candidate? Have they applied for a job, but no- showed for the interview? Have they accepted the job, but neglect to show up on their first day? Let’s dive into why that’s happening and how to avoid it!    Set the tone –  After over 15,000 thousand interviews, […]

Why your employee referral program isn’t working

Have you gone through the motions of setting up your employee referral program, only to be left underwhelmed by the lack of interest and results? Throughout my time in the recruiting industry over the last 2 decades, I’ve helped numerous businesses implement successful referral programs. Often, they already have one in place but can’t put […]

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