How I Became A Building Materials Recruiter

Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a recruiter? Or why they would choose to be a headhunter?

Well, I never really did before I became one!

I am not sure how anyone else comes to be in this business, to be honest. I imagine someone, somewhere grows up dreaming of the day they can hunt down qualified candidates and match them up with great businesses. But, that isn't how it happened for me.

How I Came To Be A Recruiter

I do sort of wish I could say I worked hard in high school and college and did all the right things to become a residential building materials – or construction – recruiter. But, it really boils down to two words for how I found my path.

Dumb Luck

After graduating college, I became an HR manager at a department store. After switching jobs, my next boss referred me to a company that placed me at a 3rd party recruiting firm. I started as a recruiting assistant and history was made. I had previously recruited for large corporations like Pepsi and Mesaba so I had a bit of the right background.

My new role was working on a National Agreement with Pella Windows and Doors. I was in love! Everyone at the previous companies was very formal and HR-y. It was just too stiff for me.

The residential building products space is just a different vibe that I really liked. The realness and less formal atmosphere resonated with me.

Moving Up

I got promoted pretty quickly and grew to be one of the top 3 producers in the country. I was often working up to 25 searches at a time and placed up to 100 people a year. You might not think that is much, but as a single producer, 100 placements is a LOT of work and a lot of moving parts.

But, I adored it. I was having the time of my life, I loved my job. It was often funny to me that I was getting paid. Because I loved it and it just seemed to come so easily that it almost wasn't “work.”

Next Steps

The company I was working for ended up moving in some directions I didn't agree with and I left. I struck out on my own and have been recruiting exclusively in the building materials space since 2001.

This industry and the people who make it run have my respect and admiration and I love being a part of it. I may have never started out on this path, but it has been exactly where I wanted and needed to be.

If you ever think about becoming a recruiter or want more information, please feel free to contact me!



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