Connect For Success - Building Rapport

Connect For Success – Building Rapport

Do you remember the last truly great conversation you had? Did you walk away from it energized and feeling like you made a fantastic connection? Did you feel like the other person just “got” you and you couldn't wait to talk again?

If you have experienced these feelings, you know how phenomenal creating a connection and building rapport can be. One of your main goals in an interview should be to recreate these experiences. To truly have a killer interview, you want to be able to give and take and both be understood and understand the other party.

Connect For Success – Building Rapport

Creating a connection with an interviewer is as vital as sharing your job history. Identify the company's needs and establish a connection in order to succeed. Growing rapport is as important as having all the right answers.

There are 5 fundamentals to establishing and growing rapport:

Show You Understand

Employers want to know you are going to fit into the corporate culture. One of the ways you can prove this is by cultivating empathy. In an interview, you might not have many means to show empathy. The quickest way is by asking the right questions.

First, ask relevant questions to verify your understanding. Next, ask questions that demonstrate you want to help fix their problems. Lastly, don't force empathy, let it come naturally.

Bring On The Enthusiasm

Yes, you applied for the position and showed up for an interview. But, that doesn't demonstrate the depth of your interest in the role and company. Make employers hear your enthusiasm loud and clear.

While enthusiasm alone won't get you the job, it makes a difference if it comes down to a handful of equally qualified candidates. Ask questions that show you have done your homework. Demonstrate you are curious about the company and role.

Passion = Success

Impress prospective employers with your love of the technical parts of your job. Show excitement about learning even more. People hire those who enjoy work and express interest in the little details. Don’t spend the whole interview talking about one specific area, but feel free to geek out a little bit.

So, talk about how you track your results. Also, list ways you've gained market share every quarter. Demonstrate your innovation in budget cutting. Show you care about your role and improving upon your success.

Wow With Confidence

You don't have to brag but be comfortable with the knowledge and abilities you possess. Employers prefer someone confident in their abilities over someone unsure of themselves. Be humble but don’t undersell yourself.

Know your numbers since you'll be asked. Prepare by reviewing your past successes so you can provide hard data.

Personality +

If you seem bored don't expect a job offer. Project a relaxed, yet dynamic personality. Be appealing and show interest in the opportunity. Smile, make eye contact and don’t be afraid to let a little of the real you pop out.

Practice techniques to calm yourself. Work up answers to the commonly asked questions. You will be relaxed and laid back while keeping the interview interesting.

By being prepared and actively working on building rapport, you can ensure your next interview goes smoothly.



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