Drug Testing Prospective Employees? If Not, You Should Be!

There are many pre-employment tests I recommend companies think about implementing into their hiring processes. Drug testing is certainly towards the top of the list. It can save your company in many ways and can help prevent making bad hires.

Why Test?

Drug abuse can hurt your company in several ways, not the least of which are attitude problems, theft, crime, violence, absenteeism, tardiness, higher turnover rates and decreased productivity.

The above are all fantastic reasons to consider drug screening because they can improve your bottom line and reduce liability. A startling 65% of all work-related accidents can be linked to drug or alcohol use! Substance abusers are six times more likely to file a workers' comp claim.

Testing for drugs will help weed out employees who cost you time, money and patience.

Tip: If you have a prospective employee who hesitates to complete the hiring process after learning you do drug screens, take it as a warning flag.

How To Choose A Testing Facility

There are thousands of companies that provide drug testing – you shouldn't have an issue finding one in your area. A quick Google search should yield plenty of results for you. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a service:

  • Are the tests performed on-site or sent to a lab?
  • What is the typical time it takes for you to get results?
  • What information will you receive in the results?
  • Are there different substances that can be looked at?

Also, consider if you will be doing the scheduling or just referring the candidate to the site. I would suggest a walk-through of the facilities to see everything first hand.


A typical drug screen will run you between $50 and $100. Certainly, that isn't a huge amount but it can a determining factor for some companies who choose not to screen. I would challenge you to think of the financial implications a substance abuser could end up costing your company before you decide to save some money.

If you know you will have frequent testing needs – if you have building products manufacturing facilities for instance – you should see if the testing company offers bulk discounts. It can end up saving some money over time if you have a certain amount of tests you will need every year.

Drug testing potential employees is not difficult or even particularly expensive when you consider the losses businesses suffer due to drug abuse. Protect yourself from lost productivity, sick time and even legal liability by screening future employees.



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