Learning What Employees Need

Sometimes you feel in sync with what your employees are doing, thinking and need. Those times are certainly magical! Make them occur more frequently by figuring out your employees' wants and needs.

Therefore, if you want more organic collaboration and free communications, be the catalyst for change.

Before you start anything, figure out what pushes your employees' buttons – good and bad. Because, when you know what they respond to, you can ignite their passion with positive hot buttons and work to avoid triggering the negative hot buttons.

Employees usually fall into four categories of what they need/seek. Make sure you know each and can utilize the management styles that work best.

Control/Power Needs

Employees who need control and power value status. Rewards like the best parking spot and corner office motivate them. Power seekers look for leadership roles and the ability to mentor and pass on their knowledge. They are great at networking and usually know all the scuttlebutt in politics and the different office groups.

Tips to manage a control/power driven employee:

  • They like being included in key company projects
  • They want to be looked at as thought leaders
  • Pay-for-performance plans work great
  • Provide access to influential leaders
  • Control seekers may need help working with people unlike them

Achievement Needs

Achievement seekers are great goal planners. They tend to hit their goals almost always. They demonstrate a lot of initiative. Achievers can be perfectionists and often work better on their own. Recognize your achievement needs employees, so they don't become disappointed.

Tips for managing achievement driven employees:

  • Achievers love goals and planning – make sure to utilize their skills
  • Achievers need robust opportunities and career paths
  • Reward your achievement seeking employees and cheer them on
  • Achievers can get bogged in perfection and need help with balance

Security Needs

Security seekers want consistency and safety. They may need more assurance than other employees. Security lovers want clear, stable instructions and don't often color outside a project's lines.

When you manage a security driven employee remember:

  • They require more frequent feedback
  • Ease them into change and different situations – lots of communication
  • When there are issues, they will seek more reassurance
  • Security seekers may need to be challenged to leave their safe zones

Acceptance Needs

Acceptance seeking employees are the bubbly, social members of your teams. They thrive on connection and don't do well in a quiet, lonely environment. These employees want to be involved and often say yes to too much. They are more likely to compromise and try to desire harmony.

Tips for managing acceptance driven employees:

  • Stay in frequent communication – even just saying hi every day
  • Acceptance seekers need praise and feedback more frequently
  • Make sure to help them adjust their workloads and say no when needed
  • Involve them in team projects
  • You may need to reign in their socializing

By understanding the tendencies of your employees, you can tailor your management style to suit each best. Use employees' needs to gain understanding about them and to figure out how to maximize their potential.



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