Go where your ideal hires are

Are you struggling to get enough interested and qualified applicants for your job openings? 


Many Building Products companies are experiencing extreme difficulty in filling their open positions. The strategies they’ve implemented for years are no longer  effective and the cost of positions that remain open is extreme. Let’s talk a little bit about how to leverage social media appropriately  to ensure you’re getting your opportunity in front of the right people in the right places.  

More eyes = more applies

Getting the right people in the right roles of your organization is crucial to the sustainability and success of your business, but when it comes to recruiting it’s a volume game first. One of the keys to avoid settling in the hiring process is to get an appropriate volume of interested and qualified candidates that know about your opportunity. 

Get strategic

It’s critical to have a marketing plan to target the right people in the right places for your opportunity.  Companies are utilizing social media strategies to find and hire their high performers more than ever before, but simply utilizing social media isn’t enough. You need to get clear about which platforms your ideal hires are frequenting.

Facebook is an easy platform to navigate that allows you to implement really specific targeting. The platform remains a “ mammoth” in social networking and data reflects that at least 84% of job seekers have a profile. 

Forbes reports that visual platforms like TikTok ( over 64% usage )  and Instagram ( over 67% usage ) continue to head the charge with Millennials and Gen Zers. For companies who are looking to improve engagement with newer generations, it’s critical to establish your company’s presence on the platforms they’re actually using. 

Remember the platforms where you spend your time may not actually be where your ideal hires are.  Looking in the right places will help to make sure you’re getting qualified candidates in play. 

Consistency in your social media presence will increase your chances of that qualified applicant seeing your opportunity and an easy way for them to apply will increase the odds that they follow through to taking action on the position. 


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