How To Evaluate Job Offers

How To Evaluate Job Offers

If you are making a career move, the ultimate goal is to be offered a job. A job offer is the official piece of this process. Hiring companies try to spell out the most enticing offer possible.

Depending on your situation, you might be ready to accept any offer. This is a terrible idea, but a subject for another day. Or, you might not really be sure you want to make a move. Either spot is not a great one to be in.

So, when you receive a job offer you have decisions to make. First, you must decide whether the new position is right for you. Next, you need to think about your career development and future opportunities. Also, you must make a decision on what job offer you would be willing to accept.

Perfectly crafted job offers do exist. Sometimes, everything aligns to make it clear you have no choice but to accept. However, usually, there is some contemplation that needs to occur.

What To Consider

Think about everything in a job offer: yearly salary, bonus potential, benefits package and many other factors. A full evaluation needs to get into some of the areas of the role that are less tangible. Do a direct comparison to make sure you are looking at every angle.

The following chart will help you compare and contrast two roles and help to determine which position has the most potential.

Sidebar – if you are lucky (some might view it as unlucky) enough to have received several job offers, the following chart works fantastically in that instance as well.

You could choose to rank each position with a number between 1-5 or just put a check mark in the role with better potential.

Taking time to think about every aspect of a job offer will help you know you are making the right decision.

Old job New job   Element under consideration
      Position title
      Supervisory responsibility
      Project authority
      Decision-making autonomy
      Freedom to implement ideas
      Ability to affect change
      Promotion potential
      Challenge of tasks
      Ability to meet expectations
      Access to professional development
      Professional growth potential
      Company/industry/niche growth
      Company/industry/niche stability
      Starting salary, benefits, perks
      Future compensation
      Commuting distance
      Travel requirements
      Work environment
      Rapport with co-workers
      Rapport with management
      Comfort with corporate culture

  Total score: New job vs. old job

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