Is Your Recruiting Process a Joke?

Is Your Recruiting Process a Joke?

Let’s start by asking a hard question, do you even have a recruiting process? Or are you rather, are you just trusting that in this digital world, that it should be easy to find and engage qualified people? Let’s say for this instance that you do have and established process. The sad fact is that even in the digital world we live in it can be extremely difficult to find the right people for the job. Nowhere is this truer than in the building product industry.

It is a hard thing to come to terms with. You are “doing everything right” and you still cannot seem to come up with good qualified candidates to fill your open positions. No matter how many resume’s you sift through you still can’t seem to find “the one”. The fact is you may be doing everything right, but your going about it all wrong. The building products industry is over run with potential candidates, but you must know where to find them. Even having a LinkedIn and using job boards is often not enough. That alone isn’t going to ensure that you get your posting in front of the right people.

The problem in part with sources like LinkedIn is that they are overwhelmed with cheap or contingency recruiters that are bombarding good candidates with bad leads. This does far more harm than good. It desensitizes potential good candidates to the job postings that they really should be paying attention to. It can be incredibly hard then, to get your job posting in front of the right person who is going to be interested in the position that you have to offer.

But Why Isn’t Your Process Working?

It may be as simple as the fact that your internal recruiter has too much to do, they have 50 open positions to fill and barely enough time to even post the positions on job boards, let alone sift through the resumes, sorting the qualified from the unqualified or pro-actively sourcing potential candidates. Perhaps though it is something a little more in depth, maybe you don’t have a sufficient online presence, or your employer brand is simply underdeveloped. Can you even tell potential employees why your company is a great place to work? Is your internal recruiter connected with the right people? Are they posting your jobs to the best job boards? Are you really getting good exposure online? Let’s face facts, nobody goes beyond the first page of google results.

So why not trust in the recruiting process of a professional search firm? They have the ability and the experience (as well as the manpower) to truly find you the best possible candidate for your position. A firm like Building Gurus can be just what you are looking for. They have the network and the knowledge to find you the best possible candidate to fill your open positions.



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