Making Your Company Culture Visible to the Market

Do you have an intentional strategy to incorporate your company culture in the hiring process? Differentiating yourself against your competitors is absolutely critical to successful hiring in today’s candidate short market. How do you do that effectively? By intentionally making your team culture and company values visible to the market.


Candidate Experience

We need to be addressing how we make the culture visible early and often throughout the hiring process. The hiring manager and the experience they provide gives the candidate  a glimpse of what their experience would be like when they join the team. The candidate who has had regular contact from a company and shows up to an interview that begins on time with someone who is clearly prepared is getting a far different experience than the candidate who shows up to an interview that begins late with someone who is reviewing the resume for the first time. It’s important to consider the candidate experience as one of your first opportunities to really showcase and reveal the company’s values.


Job Design

Job design is the way of hiring now and for the future. Companies that can successfully match a candidate’s motivations and desires to a job description and company profile have far greater success with getting candidates to accept an offer and ultimately stay for years to come. This evokes an incredibly powerful response from candidates that will leave them feeling more valued and appreciated. Presenting company and candidate matches through job design creates a win/ win and it will be a game changer.  


Brand Awareness 

Use social media to build brand awareness. Our Talent Acquisition Blueprint process helps companies to develop a strategic and intentional process about how we advertise who we are and ultimately how we make sure we’re making our values more tangible. Did you know that at least 79% of job seekers vet out companies solely based on their social media presence? That’s a powerful statistic. The leading Building Products companies who utilize that information for their good are ultimately the ones that win the war for talent and far surpass their competitors. 70% of candidates are passive – that means they’re not actively pursuing a job change. It’s important to consider how we’re showcasing our company so that we easily become top of mind for them. Effectively using employer brand awareness will bring your company top of mind and make the candidates more likely to say YES! Yes to more of the positive experience they had a taste of in their interview process. Yes to a position that takes their motivations and desires into account. And yes to joining the team that raves about their workplace on social media.  


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Looking for a tailored and intentional strategy for incorporating your company culture into your hiring and retention process? Our coaching and consulting packages are designed to provide you with a company specific blueprint and support on execution to push against the status quo and propel yourself to the top of the market as employer of choice. Connect with our team to learn more today: 



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