Questions That Can't Help But Impress

Questions That Can’t Help But Impress

Interviews aren't one-way streets. The applicant shouldn't be the only one answering questions. So, avoid interview burnout by being ready with some meaningful questions of your own.

Asking your own questions helps encourage active dialogue, which in turn leads to better understanding.

Quality questions demonstrate your ability to dig below the surface and shows you are enthusiastic about the position. Questions can show empathy, interest, and a genuine desire to understand the exact needs of your prospective employer.

Here are more examples of high-quality questions to blow away any interviewer.

Clarification Questions

Ask clarification questions to make sure you fully understand what you are being asked. Follow-up questions demonstrate you are paying attention and are concerned with your answers. You'll show you want to share the correct information, not just what you think the interviewer wants to hear.

Clarification questions should first reiterate what you heard. Next, ask if you have a correct understanding.

Example: “If I am understanding correctly, you would like examples of how I have been able to grow my territory using a focus on 1-step distribution. Do I have the right gist of what you were asking?”

Don't use clarifying questions constantly, just when you aren't positive you understand what you have been asked.

Issues Facing The New Hire

These questions show you have thought about what the new employee will need to bring to the role to succeed. You will show you are interested in the role and want a full idea of what you would be getting into.

  • What is the most crucial issue the role will face?
  • What will the successful candidate need to resolve it?
  • Tell me about the main challenges I would face in this position?

Success Factors

These questions demonstrate an interest in succeeding and metrics used to measure success.

  • What type of personality will succeed best in this role and why?
  • How have past hires succeeded or failed in this role?
  • What is the first thing you need to accomplish with this role?
  • When will you know the person you have hired is successful?
  • What metrics do you use to measure success?

Current and Future Achievements

These questions show you are looking towards the future and want to know what you specifically can bring to the role.

  • What in my background would make me be successful?
  • What is the biggest win you see for this role in the next few years?
  • 5 years down the road, where do you see this role progressing?

Asking the right questions will give you a better understanding of what will be expected and demonstrate you take the company’s objectives seriously.



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