The Key to Management Success – The Check In

Have you checked in with your team lately? 

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A check in is one of the most overlooked, yet powerful tools you have as a manager or leader in your business. Implementing a check in keeps us aware of things going on and allows us to keep an accurate pulse on how our team is doing and feeling. The ways you can use check ins are nearly infinite, but I recommend using a casual approach with a consistent structure. 


Why implement a check in?

I encourage you to stop by a team member’s work space to ask them sincerely how they’re doing with a particular project. Ask them if they’ve identified any obstacles or  if they need any support. Including this simple process will give you an accurate read on the status of the daily happenings in the business, allow you to implement feedback or provide additional assistance earlier in the process. And this alone will increase the productivity and performance of your team and ultimately impact greater outcomes. 


The impact on morale

Leaders that demonstrate to employees that they are truly heard and supported will ultimately have more engaged teams. Making an intentional, casual effort to check in with them regularly shows that they  have a supervisor who is invested in their success and easily accessible for support. Really pay attention to what they’re telling you. Hear their concerns or frustrations and value the work they are putting in. It will do wonders for your culture and retention. 


The importance of consistency

I recommend setting a schedule so that you can check in with each member of your team at least monthly. Be intentional about your mechanism for the check in. For some roles it may make the most sense to stop by their workspace, for others a call may be more appropriate. Remind yourself – it’s perfectly acceptable to give yourself reminders. You’re likely overseeing many aspects of the business so put it on your calendar.  I encourage you to have a check in with each member of your team that is separate from any pre scheduled review or meeting. 


The check in is incredibly simple, but the impact of demonstrating to your team that they are seen, heard and valued will pay dividends. Being intentional with your efforts about connecting with your employees goes a long way to developing a team that is engaged, challenged and rewarded. And take it from me – it’s really difficult to recruit away employees that are engaged, challenged and rewarded in their workplace.


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