Why Candidates Should Embrace Phone And Video Interviews

Don't you feel sometimes like your phone is growing into your hand?

I certainly do!

But, I have learned to embrace the amazing forms of technology available to us. I can conduct business from anywhere I choose and technology has made life easier for both clients and candidates.

During my career as a residential building products recruiter, I have conducted thousands of phone interviews. I live in the upper Midwest and many of my clients are on either coast. It would be physically impossible for me to interview even a quarter of the candidates I talk to every year.

I love phone and video interviews not just for their necessity for my situation. They are exceptionally great at the tasks they need to perform! I recommend all of my clients embrace phone and video interviews.

Today, I want to make a case for candidates embracing the fantastic sides of virtual interviews.

Why You Should Love Phone & Video Interviews

They Are Easy

Hands down, best reason!

Phone & video interviews are easy – to schedule and to have.

  • No more days off work or super early or late interviews
  • Work around your life and still have effective interviews
  • You can have a virtual interview from pretty much anywhere
  • You don’t have to travel
  • Heck, you might not even have to wear pants – although I’d recommend you do!

They Are Typically Less Stressful

See what I said above – you don’t have to be as formal.

I wouldn’t recommend you use this as an excuse to wear your pajamas or let it all hang out verbally. But, being in a comfortable environment can make it much easier to focus.

You'll probably find it easier to talk about yourself. Especially in phone interviews, you don’t have to focus on your facial expression or if you are making enough eye contact. You can pay much more attention to the questions and your answers. You won't get distracted thinking about if you are sweating visibly or why they chose that color of wallpaper.

Basically, you can just stick to showing off why you are awesome and finding out about a prospective employer!

They Are Quick

Think of first phone interviews like speed dating or meeting for coffee vs. a first date. Both parties want to find out the essential information to see if there is any need to take it further.

Most of my first calls last 15-30 minutes – I’m focused on making sure the candidate has everything my client needs and nothing that is a deal breaker. I want to let candidates know the highlights of what the role and my client can give to their career.

I’d suggest as a candidate you prepare the same way I do:

  • Plan concise answers about your experience & knowledge
  • Decide how to quickly shine a bright spotlight on your strengths
  • Figure out what you need to know about the company and role – stick to a few key points or questions

No more wasting 3-5 hours of your day getting ready, traveling and sitting through a long, boring interview when you know 3 minutes in that the role or company isn’t right for you!

Saves Time & Money – For Everyone Involved

As a job seeker, you're probably hedging your bets. You might send out 10-15 resumes and will likely interview with several companies. Instead of driving all over town, spending gas money and taking time from your current role or family – embrace the speed and efficiency of a phone or video interview.

Your commute is seconds!

If you calculated the true cost of going on multiple interviews (in terms of time and expenses) I am guessing you would be much more excited to participate in phone or video interviews.

It Says Nothing About You Or The Company

I get that interviewing is putting yourself out there. I know emotions and ego are involved when you are looking for a new role. Just don’t read anything into being asked for a phone or video interview.

Take it at face value – this company wants to interview you, as conveniently as possible for both parties. Most companies do a quick phone interview followed by further meetings. So, don't feel like it is less than a face-to-face meeting– it is just a part of their hiring process.

Embrace phone and video interviews to make your career search easier and more efficient!



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