10 Tips To Ramp Up Your Social Recruiting Results

We've already covered many topics related to Social Media and Social Recruiting. If you need a refresher, you can find more about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups & creating a LinkedIn Profile and Company Page here.

I've talked about how to create your profiles and how to get started on different platforms. Let's keep it going by looking at ways you can attract the best talent. Ramp up your Social Media presence so you can acquire top-notch employees for your organization.

10 Tips To Ramp Up Your Social Recruiting Results


1. Build trust by establishing relationships

This is the core of Social Recruiting. As your network gets to know you, the number of qualified applicants will increase. Show off all the facets of your company from employee interaction to your innovation and don't forget to highlight the softer, human side of your business. You'll find your network will become more comfortable referring friends and family to your organization.

2. Join groups people within your industry frequent

Because this is your niche, you speak the same language. If you are in plumbing products, search out groups that deal with your product base but also look for groups for builders & contractors, plumbers, plumbing sales, and marketing reps, etc.

Don’t just lurk on the sidelines, be an active participant. Take part in discussions, forums, and leave insightful comments.

3. Be specific with your search

Target specific groups of people on Social Media sites. When you focus on groups instead of posting generic job listings you'll get more qualified applicants who are closer to your ideal hire.

Posting you are looking for an aggressive hunter with a background in wood windows and doors yields better results in the groups and areas those people hang out.

4. Use keywords

Twitter and LinkedIn use keywords to narrow your focus. Using the right keywords in the right ways helps attract the most appropriate individuals for your organization.

5. Use more casual wording

The greatest advantage of Social Media is that it's more human. As technology evolves, print classified ads are just not attracting quality candidates. There are limitations caused by space and budgets, making ads seem cold and impersonal. Social media platforms give room to breathe and give candidates a real sense of life in your company.

6. Dig deeper

Discover what your desired prospects do online. Do they favor one site over another? What blogs do they read? What groups or associations do they belong to? Do they participate in online discussions or forums? Find out where they hang out and make sure you are there too.

7. Sweeten the pot for referrals

Tap your connections, family, and friends to be on the lookout for you. Messages like: “A $50 gift card goes to whoever finds my next rockstar siding sales pro for our northern territory,” will drive engagement and excitement.

Make sure you thank anyone who participates and if possible, send them a small token of appreciation. When you appreciate people’s efforts, they are more willing to get involved. Pick an appropriate award based on the role you are looking to fill.

8. Create your job postings from your candidate’s perspective

Think about what will grab your readers' attention. Don't just list job duties and responsibilities, make it interesting! What would entice your ideal candidate to read a job ad and apply? Write it from an angle that takes their interests to heart.

9. Consider lesser-known social media networks

Using popular sites isn’t a guarantee you will attract the people you’re looking for. Social media sites pop up on a regular basis—many have very specific niches. Devote a little time to staying current on the Social Media platforms that might house your target audience of candidates.

10. Don’t be shy!

Social Recruiting requires you to reach out to people who haven’t expressed an interest. Remember if you do it respectfully and tactfully, the worst someone can say is “No Thanks”. So, be brave and reap the rewards!

The world of Social Recruiting evolves quickly. However, being authentic and engaging is unlikely to quit being an effective recruiting strategy anytime soon.



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