5 Ways To Use Social Media For Career Development

Social media is prevalent in just about every aspect of our daily lives. We use it to keep in contact with family and friends, share media, follow public figures and companies and of course to watch cat videos.

Few people think about using Social Media as a tool in their career progression arsenal, but you should.

5 Ways To Use Social Media Professionally

Yes, you can find job postings (e.g. building materials recruitment), but Social Media has so many more ways to help you grow. Here is how you can utilize it to help you find the next fantastic move in your career.

Pick Your Platform(s)

Evaluate platforms and decide which is right for you. LinkedIn is the most powerful career site but each has something to offer. Generally, Facebook shows the “softer side” of companies and Twitter helps to stay up-to-date on newsworthy items.

Don't try to stay on top of every single Social Media tool. Pick 2 or 3 that make the most sense for what you hope to accomplish.

Clean It Up

If you use Social Media, your profile likely has hundreds of posts, updates, and images. Evaluate your profile and content. Does it put you and your career in the best light? Do you share posts that could be considered in bad taste or irresponsible?

Remove posts and pictures that could offend or don't send the message you want. It is perfectly fine to showcase your social life and hobbies but remember to keep it professional.

Make Strategic Connections

Find, connect with and follow leaders in your industry, niche, and channel. Spending even 15 minutes a week searching can net you hundreds of quality contacts.

Use keywords to help you figure out who to connect with. For example – Windows and Doors Manufacturers, 2-Step Plumbing Distributors, etc.

Search out people at your current level as well as above and below where you want to be. If you can offer advice and help someone junior to you, do it. It will go a long way towards you being viewed as a leader. You might become top of mind when new roles become available.

Take Your Connection To The Next Level

Connect with companies you admire or want to work for and follow their pages. Connect with their employees so you start showing up in news feeds. Like and comment on posts and images.

Spend a couple of minutes every day to maintain your connections. Use tagging and hashtags to strategically gear your comments and posts to companies you admire. Don't pander, but everyone likes to be liked and industry giants are no different.

Get Into Groups

Every platform has some kind of groups available. These are meeting places for like-minded people to share information. You can find groups for every niche and channel within the building products industry.

Figure out a mix of groups that provide good interaction, keep you updated on important news and post jobs that appeal to you.

Next, get involved. Link to articles and blogs that interested or educated you. Find appropriate images to share. Comment on threads and share your opinion. If you see a need, share your expertise.


If you are creative, you can build and promote your own content. There are many tips I could offer, but here are a few basics:

  • Keep it simple
  • Don't get too technical
  • Break technical concepts into easy to consume parts
  • Use images, headings, and info-graphics to draw people in

Using these tips, you will make fantastic business connections. You'll share content that matters and be perceived as a leader. You may even find yourself being recruited away to your next career move!

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