Why Does An Attention Grabbing Resume Matter?

Why Does An Attention Grabbing Resume Matter?

How much time did you spend searching for your last position? Did you find the winner on the first glance?

When you are searching for a job, which job ads reach through the screen and implore you to apply? If you can’t even bother reading to the bottom of the whole ad, do you want to go work for that company?

My point is, hiring is kind of like dating. We all want to put our best foot forward – on both sides of the table. You want to be wowed by a position and employers want to get a little jolt reading your resume.

Your resume needs to demand attention by being fantastic at doing its job – selling you!

If you and 25 other people have the exact same experience, and I only have time to talk to 3 of you, how does your resume stand out from the pack? What is going to make me know I “have” to speak with you?

Write Your Resume For Them

Your resume is a form of advertising – a quick commercial about you and your expertise. It has to catch the eye of the reader quickly and make them need to know more. It should provide answers about your past history, goals & accomplishments and your future capabilities.

The best resumes make you feel like the candidate has been peeking directly into your brain. Talk the way the company does – incorporate their verbiage, key phrases, and style if you can. I am not saying to totally change your style, but if you create a connection with your words, you will be much better off.

Make It Sing Your Praises

Sadly, the best-qualified candidates don't always get the interview. Some are overlooked because they haven’t projected their skills onto paper in the form of a powerful, appealing resume.

Don't change your history, just present it in the best light. It should demonstrate the unique ways you will succeed and the wins you have had in the past. Make it your own, and make sure you have powerful content presented in an appealing form.

Mix up the words you use to describe yourself and take a minute to Google words that are overused.

Honesty Is Still The Best Policy

Stick with the facts. There are no resume watchdogs, but honesty is key. It only makes sense to be ethical. Remember, what you put on your resume sticks with you whether you get the job or not. You don't want the message to be anything but honest.

People can and do get fired for lying during interviews and on applications. Don’t even think about fudging your history.

Maybe it isn’t exactly lying, but exaggerations or over-inflating your results are on the same level. Pull in the reins and just document your credentials and successes. Let your abilities speak for themselves.

When In Doubt, Get A Foot In The Door

I often find the best building products candidates through referrals. There aren’t millions of top producers and try as I might, I can't connect with every star. My job ads and postings only get in front of a small percentage of the workforce.

Similarly, hiring managers can't spend hours thoroughly examining every resume. Even if you have an eye-catching calling card, it might get overlooked.

If you have a dynamic reputation or background and you know someone who can give you a glowing referral, ask. You won’t necessarily get an interview but it doesn’t hurt to have someone saying good things about you. One caveat – don’t abuse this resource or put them in a bad position. Be honest and don’t get mad if they don’t feel comfortable.

Remembering why an attention-grabbing resume is vital will help you construct a winner.

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