7 Ways To Amp Up Your LinkedIn Profile

7 Ways To Amp Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Use A High-Quality Profile Picture

LinkedIn is a website used by professionals to connect with leaders in their industries. It is a Social Media site, but not the one you should use to post pictures of vacations or socializing. Upload a professional and recognizable picture of yourself. If you don't have one, invest in a professional headshot. You won't regret spending a little bit to look fantastic.

If nothing else, your business logo will go over better than blurry photos, cropped group shots, a blank avatar or the worst: selfies.

Make Your Headline High Impact

You only get 120 characters to describe and sell yourself. Your headline is used in search engines, so it has to be high impact and relevant. Use strong, industry-specific keywords.

Your headline should include both your current and past roles and tell the reader exactly who you are and what you do.

Create An Interesting Summary

The summary is the part of your profile where you can highlight your expertise and career goals. It should include a short and interesting description of you, your background and what you hope to achieve. You want to create interest in connecting with you, talking with you and recruiting or hiring you.

Keep it short and sweet – this is your elevator pitch. Be personable but don't get too personal.

Work In Keywords When Possible

Keywords help people find connections in their industry and help hiring managers and recruiters find you. Use your industry background to help you determine keywords. You can also look up companies or individuals you admire and use their verbiage.

Work keywords into your headline, summary, and current and past roles. You want to make sure you are organically using them so you don't come across as spammy.

Build A Strong Call-To-Action

When you have a compelling profile, people will want to connect with you. You want to provide a way for industry contacts, recruiters and hiring managers to find out more about you and to communicate with you. Write a brief call-to-action that lists how readers can personally connect. You should include an outside e-mail address if possible.

Strengthen Your Current Connections

Possibly you have a fairly good network already. You should focus on finding new people to connect with, but don't neglect your current network. You can also use LinkedIn to stay in touch with clients, customers, and co-workers. Send out invitations to anyone from your contact list that could benefit.

Then, make sure you periodically interact. You can send holiday greetings, congratulations on achievements or share information and content you think would be of interest. Don't spam with sales and marketing promotions and make your messages personal.

Post Something Relevant Frequently

Ideally, you would post something daily but may not have the time or desire. Figure out a schedule that allows you to post content you care about and do so frequently enough to stay on everyone's mind. You don't have to create your own content – use links, videos, and pictures related to your industry, channel or niche to draw interest.

You'll stay on top of news feeds and your networks' minds. You will quickly establish yourself as a resource for industry information and you'll probably find you receive a lot of connection requests.


I don't recommend you use your company email address for your profile, especially if you are open to hearing about new career opportunities. It can be awkward and could have negative impacts on your career. Use a personal address you check frequently so you get all of your important communications.

Help take your career to the next level by amping up your LinkedIn profile today. You'll be super happy you did!



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