7 Ways To Get More Value From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking and growing connections for your career. There are thousands of building product industry connections currently on LinkedIn.

You can use LinkedIn to get help with issues, find customers and even help position you for your next career move.

Are you using LinkedIn to your greatest advantage? Are you getting the most out of your profile and connections?

7 Ways To Get More Value From LinkedIn

Join Relevant Groups

LinkedIn groups exist for pretty much anything you can imagine. You'll find groups dedicated to every channel and niche within the building products industry. Some are for specific roles (Sales, Marketing, etc.) to connect, some are solely for getting advice and help and many are for job searching and posting.

No matter what you want to do on LinkedIn, making connections and participating in groups will go a long way towards your success. You will expand your network and horizons and stay on top of changes and updates in your job market.

You can search for groups and also find groups through looking at your connections' profiles.

Don't Sit On The Sidelines

You will get minimal benefit from simply joining groups. You have to participate! Reply to posts, join conversations, interact with group members and remember to stay active to stay on people's minds. Post your own insights, triumphs, challenges and questions and encourage communication.

Use Advanced People Search

LinkedIn has thousands of users. Instead of doing a regular search, consider using an Advanced People Search. You will have more criteria to select from and this will lead to better results.

Don't forget to save the people you find, so you can go back to them in the future. You can use Advanced People Search to find people to connect with, profiles you can use as inspiration and even hiring managers at companies you want to work with.

Don't Forget About Your Professional Gallery

Many people forget there is a gallery you can use on your LinkedIn profile. Don't waste this space and opportunity. You can upload images, audio and video files, and documents. Add items that highlight your success and expertise or are of interest to you.

You don't have to create any of these items, but make sure you give credit where it is due. You'll liven up your profile and stand out from the crowd.

Find Alumni

Yes, you made some great friends in college, but they might not have a direct bearing on your career progression. However, you probably share the same alma mater with thousands of contacts who could directly impact your career.

Search for your college to find alumni and make connections. Whether you had the same classes or just share pride in your school, you'll benefit mutually now.

Update Your Skills And Expertise

Your skills section quickly demonstrates your expertise. If no one knows what you excel at, you won't be looked at. You don't need to list everything, just those that best highlight your background.

Endorsements for your skills are a fantastic way to amp up your profile, so make sure the skills are available for your connections to endorse. Don't forget to endorse your contacts for the skills you can.

Give Recommendations

Recommendations on LinkedIn go a long way to proving your strengths and highlighting your successes. You should find connections you have direct experience with and offer them unsolicited recommendations.

It could even be someone at a vendor or partner that gave you a great customer experience. The more you give, the more you'll receive, so give some great recommendations to start the ball.

If there is someone you trust and have a good background with, you could request they give you a recommendation as well.


Please check your spelling and grammar. From spelling manager as manger to using all-caps and poor punctuation, there are many pitfalls. Copy and paste your profile info into a program that has a spell checker and make sure you have someone you trust proofread. 

Using these tips, you will create a great profile and legacy on LinkedIn. Make it go to work for you!



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